Berger Legal Consulting - A fresh approach

For most of my years of law practice, I was a litigator at large law firms so I understand how they manage cases. For certain types of disputes there is no better representation than a large firm with its vast resources and personnel. But not every dispute requires an army of lawyers. A client often wants a quick and inexpensive answer to the questions: Do I have a claim? Do I have a defense?

I started Berger Legal Consulting to utilize my litigation experience mostly at big law firms to provide clients with the best of both worlds — the thorough and reliable representation they expect from a large law firm, combined with the speed, efficiency, and substantially lower costs of a small practice. I bring my understanding of legal disputes to analyze questions quickly, to develop an appropriate strategy tailored to a client’s factual circumstances and business needs, and to find creative solutions at the earliest stages of a disagreement to avoid needless expense and aggravation.

I am also an approved court-certified mediator with a track record of success in helping parties reach a settlement.

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